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IOA Bylaws

Illinois Officials Association (IOA)

Constitution/By Laws (2011)

Article I: Title

This Association shall be called, Illinois Officials Association (IOA)

Article II: Purpose

—To provide experienced, knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic men and women of high character and with a genuine respect for the game to officiate sporting contests.

—To promote and provide an instructional program for those men and women who desire to become Sports Officials.

—To present regular educational opportunities for officials through clinics and meetings in their respective sports.

—To encourage self-improvement as an official.

Article III: Enactment

This constitution and the by-laws contained therein shall be developed by the Board Members and adopted upon majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Article IV: Organization

The Board Members shall consist of: President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary, Liaison (to the IHSA), Director of Umpire Development, Mentoring Director & Recruiting Director. ( 9 positions total ).

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Association. His/her duties shall include:

—To develop agendas for both scheduled board and general membership meetings. He also assists all other board members in their respective duties.

—Appointing of committees and technical consultants as deemed necessary.

—Removing any Board Member for three (3) unexcused meeting absences during the fiscal year or for failure to adequately comply with member duties as outlined within this document. The President , when notified, will make all efforts to excuse Board Members when family or work related conflicts exist. The President will seek and be bound by the majority opinion of the entire board before determination of whether an individual board member has failed to comply with stated duties. Removal is final and there will be no appeal process.

The Vice President(s) duties shall include:

—Helping the President fulfill any duties or responsibilities that may require assistance as well as assuming the President’s role in his absence at meetings.(The 1st VP will assume the President’s role upon his absence. The 2nd VP will assume the President’s role if both he and the 1st VP are absent.)

—The vice presidents also shall promote the association to new organizations in order to keep our officials at work in their sports of interest.

—Improvement of professionalism and appearance of members

—Assume other duties as assigned by the Board Members.

The Treasurer’s duties shall include:

—Opening and maintaining a bank account for association funds, paying association bills, dispensing funds approved by the board, generating a quarterly financial report for board members, as well as collecting dues from members and assists in compiling a list of paid members.

—Preparing and submitting, for consent, a budget to the Board Members at the first meeting of the fiscal year.

—Presenting to the general membership an approved budget at the first general meeting after the start of the fiscal year.

—Receiving of all monies related to the association and deposit such funds in a bank account designated by/for the IOA.

—Payment of all invoices approved by President within 30 days of receipt and as provided for in the budget.

—Recording all income/expenditures maintaining accurate records thereof.

—Present a financial report at each Board and General meeting.

—Submission of an Annual Treasurer’s report for the association.

—Developing a membership roster for mailing and e-mail correspondence.

The Secretary’s duties shall include:

—Taking minutes at board and general meetings, roll call and attendance, and making the minutes of previous board meetings available for viewing by board members and the general membership.

—Notifying members of yearly meeting schedules.

—Maintaining the IOA Corporate Records

The Liaison’s duties shall include:

—All communications with the IHSA either directly or by assignment to an association member.

—Scheduling and conducting appropriate rule interpretation meetings.

—Handle general liability insurance for the association and directors and officers insurance for the board, if required.

The Director of Umpire (Officials) Development duties shall include:

—The assembly of instructors for the I.O.A.\’s annual training program.

—Develops lesson plans for a program that includes classroom lectures, training videos, mechanics drills, and simulated situations in order to properly train umpires/officials that have 0 to 3 years of experience.

The Mentoring Director duties shall include:

—Overseeing the mentors and assigning the mentors to officials that would like to be evaluated

—Ensure that there are weekly conversations between the mentors and the mentored, receive feedback on each mentored official’s performance, will also oversee on-site evaluations of the mentored officials.

—Work with officials that want/need to be mentored whenever possible and provide evaluations for officials seeking to work higher level sporting contests

The Recruiting Directors duties shall include:

—Recruiting new members for the I.O.A

—Compiling and keeping an up-to-date list of all members.

—Seek the assistance of current members to aid in the recruitment process.

—Complete a recruiting/retention membership plan

— Follow-up by e-mail and/or phone to all members in his/her designated sport that has not renewed their membership 30 days after the annual process is initiated.

All Board Members duties:

— Provide in writing to the Treasurer, an operational budget. Preliminary budgets for the following year must be submitted by December 1st. Board members may have a budget for their specific departments.  Board members may use funds in their budget for business pertaining to their specific needs regarding their department which has direct benefit for the IOA.  Members must have majority board approval for spending which is outside of their approved yearly operational budget.

— Forwarding to the Treasurer, a detailed income/expense report of all sport related clinics and/or meetings within twenty-one (21) days of completion.

—Assuming other duties deemed necessary by the President / Board Members.

Article V: Elections

—General elections shall be held annually beginning in Fall 2012. The current President, 1st Vice President, Director of Umpire Development, and Mentoring Director’s  terms shall expire that year and every two years thereafter. The 2nd Vice President, IHSA Liaison, Treasurer, Secretary, and Recruiting Director’s terms shall expire in 2013 and every two years thereafter. Beginning in Spring 2012, a three (3) person nominating committee shall be formed by the board with the direction of developing a slate of candidates for the board election. The committee shall contact candidates to ensure acceptance of their nomination. Nominations from the membership shall be made to the nominating committee in writing or via e-mail. Candidates must be paid members for at least three (3) consecutive years and be in good standing ie attendance at a majority of meetings and no documented discipline problems. The candidates will not be running for a specific position but simply to be on the I.O.A. Board of Directors. In even-numbered years, the membership will vote for 4 members on the ballot who they would like to sit on the next board for a two-year term (odd-numbered years they will vote 5 members in for a two-year term). The top 4 (or 5) vote-getters on the ballot will earn spots on the board. At the first board meeting following the general election, the current 9 members of the I.O.A. Board shall determine the board positions for that given year. The positions of President, Vice-Presidents and Treasurer must be filled by incumbent Board Members.

—In the event of a resignation or vacancy during an elected officer’s term, the President will appoint a member to fill that vacancy for the remainder of the term.

Article VI: Meetings

— General Meetings will be held a minimum of twice a year.

— Interpretation meetings are for members only. IOA members may bring a guest to the first meeting free of cost. Subsequent attendance by nonmembers is $10 per meeting. The fee(s) will be waived or credited should he/she become a member of the IOA.

Section A: Active Members

Active members are officials who have completed all yearly application and renewal procedures, made payment of dues and satisfactorily completed  rules examinations pursuant to local, state and national requirements. As a member of the association in good standing, he/she will have attended a majority of regular meetings and sport specific meetings held during the year named. Those having been declared “Active” shall be entitled to vote on issues of the association and in the election of its officers.

Article VII: Amendments

Amendments may be presented at any general meeting or in writing to the Board Members at least thirty (30) days prior to assembly. Votes, via e-mail, will be accepted provided adequate discussion has taken place following a proposal. A vote of two-thirds of members present is required to amend the constitution/by-laws.

Article VIIl Selection of Officials for State Series Assignment

Section A: If the IHSA seeks input for State Series Assignments, the IOA shall provide a suitable list of members, compiled by the Board Members.

Section B: At a meeting(s) designated by the IOA, all members present and in good standing shall be given an opportunity to rank the top fifteen (15) officials.

— A final copy of ranking scores will be submitted to the Board Members. Also, a final copy will be made available to members,in alphabetical order, upon request.

By-Laws to the Constitution

1. Quorum: A majority of the membership present and in good standing shall constitute a quorum.

2. Dues and Fees: IOA dues and related association fees will be established by the Board Members, presented at the semi-annual General Meeting and published on the association website. Association dues/fees should be paid by June 1st, after which a late payment fee may be charged.

3Conduct: The conduct at assigned sites and while in uniform shall be above reproach. He/she will maintain a high respect for the officiating community by refraining from unprofessional conduct that is considered to be not in the best interests of the association or it’s active members. A high standard of ethics should be maintained by refraining from criticizing or censuring fellow officials in public. If this occurs appropriate action will be taken by the board. An appeal of actions may be made. Repeatedly dishonoring contractual commitments whether electronic, verbal or written will not be tolerated. (Examples: double booking and sending unapproved replacement, not showing up for assignment or showing up late)

—Any member fined, suspended, or expelled by the Board Members shall have the right of appeal, by giving written acknowledgement to the Board Members within seven (7) calendar days of said notification. The President will then appoint a three person committee to rule on the appeal.

4. Rules: Robert’s Rules of Order shall be used to govern proceedings at all meetings of the association.

5Member Issues: Any issues by members must be placed on the agenda prior to the meeting. Board meetings may be closed if sensitive issues need to be discussed. Future meetings should be announced through web site or e-mails.

6. Board Member meetings:

—Our fiscal year is the calendar year starting on January 1st.

—Board member meetings need to be held in January, March, May, June, October, and December every year. The December meeting must be used to review and preliminarily approve the budget for the foll